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When in need of a lawyer - highly recommended I have had two occasions to consult, than hire Attorney Jinoo Hwang. One for estate planning advice, the second for counsel on how best to work through what became a contentious sale. On both occasions, Jinoo was first clear about process and costs. Then, very clear about options and their likely outcome. Attorneys are expensive whether you hire an excellent or inferior person. In my perspective the cost savings, and as importantly, peace of mind of acquiring excellent counsel easily justifies the cost. If I should again find myself in need of legal counsel, I will without hesitation, call Jinoo Hwang.


A good attorney.

James sims

Jinoo helped me out with everything I needed to know. He is an amazing person, simply an angel and I thank God that someone out there in this world was able to give me the information I have long been seeking since my father passed away. Thank you Jinoo from the bottom of my heart, you an absolute angel. If you need real advice that you have been longing for please don't hesitate and take Jinoo as your lawyer, he is a real saint and I bet he could also be a shark lol. He's the best. Thank you Jinoo.

Tiffany Hybrids

A extremely satisfied customer We retained Mr. Hwang to handle a probate case that involved a very volatile relationship involving the two co representatives, so volatile in fact another lawyer previously hired had asked and was excused from said case. Mr. Hwang graciously took on the challenge and through his calm demeanor and extreme professionalism was able to resolve the dispute and bring the case to a final closure. Constant updates were the standard and greatly appreciated, as were timely returns of e mails and phone calls. In closing my wife and I are extremely pleased with the service Mr. Hwang and his capable assistant Jacob Dill provided and would emphatically use them again, a true credit to their profession.


I highly recommend NWL and JInoo Hwang particularly. I emailed with some questions and Jinoo called me right away. He spoke to me with clear and plain advice that was spot on in regards to our inquiry. Jinoo is very personable and down to earth as well as professional and to the point. I appreciated his time, knowledge, and concern for getting us the information we needed.

Teresa Richards

Jinoo and his team at Northwest Legal helped me navigate a very difficult situation that I was left to handle. It was a tenant and trust combination monster of a problem and he helped us resolve it just as he said he would. Jinoo is organized, detail oriented and knowledgable in his profession. I could not have asked for anything better during such a stressful time. Someone at Northwest Legal was always there to take my phone call and address my concerns as they came up almost immediately. Not only can you expect thorough and professional work but also kindness from this team.

Avalon Ruzicka

Northwest Legal took over an estate I was probating after a conflict emerged with the previous attorney. The assistance offered was timely, competent, cost-effective, and practical. There were other complications in this estate, including problems with the IRS and federal tax refunds, and the firm was able to secure the right kind of assistance to resolve that issue with the IRS. I was always kept informed of what was happening, with emails that described the progress and next steps. I highly recommend this firm.

Susan Ackerman

Jinoo is the most compassionate professional attorney I have had the honor of working with. His team works likes a well oiled machine.

Kim Arscott

A Great Help I was very impressed with Jinoo and the help he gave me. I’m very happy he was the one I found. His advice was very helpful and I believe it saved me a lot of time and money. Jinoo could have taken on a long expensive case but instead chose to do the right thing by giving the right advice. If I ever need someone to help me in the future, he will be the one I call.


My wife and I are Calif residence and the death of both of her parents in Oregon left logistical problems with their estate not to mention contention and disagreement among two other siblings who resided in other states. Jinoo as well as his staff not only navigated through these disruptive issues but did it in a professional way and often as an arbiter to resolve the closing of the estate in a timely way to the satisfaction of all concerned. Al and Roxanne

Albert Demuth

Easy to speak with, professional and gave great advice. Felt like he was trying to help me and not just make a buck.

Shane Oram

Jinoo is one of the sharpest lawyers I've had the pleasure of working with.He is honest, friendly, and thoughtful. His suggestions and thought process take the consultative approach.Jinoo is my goto lawyer for legal advice and referrals (if it is an area of law he doesn't practice) because he is well connected and is willing to make a "handshake" introduction

Ravi Brounstein

We were looking for a good local attorney to help us with a couple of legal services (wills, etc.). I left Jinoo a message and he responded, after hours, on the same day. Based on that, we set up a meeting and the rest is history. Jinoo and his staff are professionals through and through. Jinoo is the kind of lawyer you want working for you. Yes, he is extremely well versed in the law. Yes, he is very knowledgeable. Beyond those two key elements (and I cannot emphasize this enough), he makes it personal and that meant a great deal to us. We weren't just a couple of new clients...he spent time getting to know us, understanding what we needed and wanted and helping us define that in a way that could be put to paper. It wasn't a cookie cutter approach and we weren't just two more names in his book. I highly recommend Jinoo and his staff.

Janiece Woodland

Excellent Lawyer Jinoo is one of the sharpest lawyers I've had the pleasure of working with.He is honest, friendly, and thoughtful. His suggestions and thought process take the consultative approach.Jinoo is my goto lawyer for legal advice and referrals (if it is an area of law he doesn't practice) because he is well connected and is willing to make a "handshake" introduction


Very pleased with the way I'm treated and how respectful and responsive they are.


Legal consultation I was referred to Mr. Hwang by my commercial real estate agent for a business issue. Mr. Hwang is very professional, Was prepared to answer all of my questions and offered a variety of solutions to my problem. This was my very first experience consulting an attorney and it was a very positive experience. He explained things so that I could understand and I felt at ease after our meeting. Moving forward if I ever need an attorney, Or just even some advice I will definitely call Mr. Hwang again.


As an attorney, Jinoo Hwang is a SUPERLAWYER! In addition to being knowledgeable and meticulous, he has very strong communication skills, a rarity in the legal world. After meeting with Jinoo Hwang at Northwest Legal, I came away with hard answers and much needed closure.

BL Adkins

Jinoo counseled me as I navigated my family through some messy interpersonal disharmony. Although I didn’t know it when I first met him, he is obviously a man who is well trained in conflict resolution and negotiation. But beyond those developed skills, he had a unbelievably good ear and empathetic heart. He immediately understood what stresses were involved in the conflict and set up a plan to work toward an amicable resolution. His guidance was invaluable.

Brett Moser

Invaluable guidence Jinoo counseled me as I navigated my family through some messy interpersonal disharmony. Although I didn’t know it when I first met him, he is obviously a man who is well trained in conflict resolution and negotiation. But beyond those developed skills, he had a unbelievably good ear and empathetic heart. He immediately understood what stresses were involved in the conflict and set up a plan to work toward an amicable resolution. His guidance was invaluable.


Last year I was given a referral to the offices of Northwest Legal and Jinoo Hwang. I can't tell you how fortunate I felt to have Northwest Legal services and resources at a difficult time in my life. Jinoo is very knowledgeable and helped me break down the tasks I needed to accomplish. He was available whenever I had questions. Not only was his legal advice on spot, but I felt emotionally supported during a challenging time.

Carmen Stephens

First-Rate Attorney I had occasion to consult Jinoo regarding a complicated estate issue. I found him to be extremely competent, organized and efficient. In addition to all of his professional attributes, he very personable, empathetic, and has the rare ability to explain the issues and options in a concise and clear manner. I would highly recommend Jinoo to anyone requiring legal assistance.


We reached out to Mr. Jinoo Hwang for assistance with our small estate claim. Mr Hwang and his staff made the whole process painless. They are knowledgeable, professional, and courteous. I highly recommend Mr. Hwang and his team if you ever need any legal services.

Ken Lee

Thanks for your help Jinoo I ran into a problem with a probate issue I called Jinoo he picked right up. He explained to me what I needed to say to these folks, even offered me to call him he would talk to them. By the time I got home I have a detailed email from Jinoo letting me know my rights and what I need to do moving forward. Definitely a personal touch law firm. I would recommend Northwest Legal and Jinoo to anyone in need of an attorney.


Great people to have on your side

Richard Elliott

Very friendly feller, returned phone call promptly and helped me feel at ease. Even though it wasn't his expertise in the matter I'm facing he referred to me the proper representation. Thank you Jinoo👍

Donald Umber

Northwest Legal provided excellent assistance and advice for us to navigate our family estate. The firm is friendly, knowledgeable, and experienced in estate and trust services. Jinoo is very personable, clear, concise, and informative when discussing the legal requirements and steps necessary. We highly recommend his firm to anyone requiring professional legal services.

Terry Galbraith

Jinoo and his team are excellent attorneys

Deb Elliott

My father passed away and he left some very confusing paperwork behind for his estate. Northwest Legal was extremely friendly and helpful. The service I received was excellent. I highly recommend them

Martin Henderson

I would highly recommend Jinoo and NW Legal. The attention to detail, knowledge, and care to each client is what you want in any transaction but especially with your attorney. Great guy and joy to work with! Thanks!

Darren McGillvrey

I'm extremely fortunate that I found Jinoo. I sure hope I never have to go through something like this ever again but if I ever do I will definitely be calling him . I had a very fragile case and he helped me in every way possible. I'm very impressed with his ability to talk to people, it's genuine. He made me feel like he really cared and as uncomfortable as the circumstances were I found comfort in him. He took time that some may not have with my type of case. I live out of town so I had my boyfriend swing in with something very important and Jinoo welcomed him in and got right to it. His secretary even brought me some chocolates when we were having a tough discussion. Little things like that mean a lot to me. I trust that he really did do all he could to make sure my rights where recognize. There was a lot that I didn't want to hear and still have a hard time swallowing but he brakes it to you softly with explanation. I understand that a lot is out of his hands considering certain aspects of a case. It took a while to get it all settled. longer than I expected it would, but he kept me posted every step of the way and reassured me that things are moving forward. The end result was as good as it could be. I can confidently say he made it a much softer landing, I can now move forward with some closure. Thank you Jinoo!

Lacy Larson

I have had dealings with multiple lawyers in many different specialties and Jinoo is definitely one of my favorite. He has the highest of ethical standards, listens attentively and gives decisive educated answers to questions. I was very comfortable sharing my personal information with him. As I move forward with my estate and business planning, I have complete confidence that he has my best interests at heart. Thank you.

Lauri Y

I was very impressed when I met Jinoo .He is very knowledgeable and very professional.I would highly recommend him.Georgios Karabinis

Georgios Karabinis

Jinoo is a thoughtful and creative problem solver. His close attention to detail and determination to perfect his craft serves him well. Highly recommend

Michael Coulbourne

Jinoo assisted us in a successful negotiation with a landlord involving a commercial lease. He was strategic, persuasive, and tenacious. Due to his efforts, we were able to secure a lease with more favorable terms. I highly recommend Jinoo!!

Mary Bartlett

Jinoo and his team are extremely professional, efficient, and communicate well. Above average attention to detail with enough education to me, as the client, to understand my options. Highly recommend.

Lauren Hatmaker

I have had the privilege to consult with Jinoo on estate planning and will drafting. He was excellent at walking through the steps and explaining complex terms and processes in a way that the average person can understand. I was most impressed by how genuine he is and his obvious care about creating a plan that addresses my unique situation. The takeaway? Jinoo and his team will take the utmost care in making sure you are taken care of.

Shann Ormsbee

I was immediately impressed with Jinoo Hwang because I felt certain about his integrity, knowledge and trustworthiness. He explained everything to me in language that I could easily understand and he never once showed any indication that I was asking too many questions. He is very honest and fair, and if it is your first time working with a lawyer, I strongly recommend Jinoo. He is committed to his client, and the staff at Northwest Legal are very connected with clear communication and prompt responses. Do not waste your time comparing with other lawyers because Jinoo is excellent and his price is reasonable.

Amy Gaudia

Exactly what we needed We needed a local lawyer to discuss some estate planning and we found Jinoo Hwang. He responded to our initial inquiry within the same day and we set up an initial consultation. Within the first 30 minutes it was clear that he understood what we were wanting to do and was able to quickly articulate what our options were. We left that initial meeting with enough information to make some educated decisions.We hired Mr. Hwang for the work that we needed done and throughout the process we found him and his staff to be extremely professional, very competent, and thorough. The work was done in a timely manner and all of our questions were answered. The staff made sure we were kept appraised at each step of the process. If they needed something from us, they made it clear as to exactly what was needed and by when. The end product was exactly what we needed. Would I change anything? The quick answer is no, I would not. If I had to find an area for improvement (after all...we can always do better), I would say that the staff might want to craft their communications based on the audience. In other words, if being asked a question by a layman answer in kind. While detailed answers are usually appreciated, they are not always necessary...especially if the become buried . That being said...I would prefer more info than not enough any day!Would we use Mr. Hwang again? Absolutely.


Great Help and Advice We were very pleased with Jinoo. We first met him when he was volunteering to help seniors at the senior center. He gave us good advice and helped us with our current challenge. We were impressed with his insight and honesty so decided to have him update our Will and Trust. We would highly recommend him to anyone needing good legal advice. Thank you Jinoo for everything!


Attorney Review To put it simply, Jinoo is a good man. He kept the family informed during the whole process. He worked really hard and tirelessly for the family. If I ever have the need for an attorney, I'll choose Jinoo. Tom


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