Client Reviews

Fantastic to work with Loved working with Jinoo. You are not just a file number to him, he really cares about you and your family. He also does a fantastic job of explaining and walking you through, step by step, what you are dealing with so you leave confident in what he has helped you with. Very highly recommend!!!
Jinoo Hwang was referred to me by another lawyer who recommended him for his skills in creating a trust that was more useful for me because it was applicable in all 50 states and not just one. Jinoo's knowledge of recent changes in trust laws were invaluable in creating a trust which is inclusive of my estate but also allows me the flexibility to designate specific things to individuals in the event of my passing. The final piece that I was impressed with was the succession of trustees and the inclusion of a third party to act as the trustee in case of need. All trustees are fiduciary and charged with administering the trust in my best interest. This final piece afforded me much peace of mind. I recommend Jinoo's services in this manner.
Friendly customer/client support knowledgeable and experienced to current laws
Jinoo went above and beyond. I spent many hours calling around and he was the absolute best and most helpful. I can’t thank him enough for his expertise.
Lindsey Soprano
Consultant Jinoo established a Revocable Trust for me and my wife. This was not a simple trust due to several factors. However, Jinoo was very thorough and patient over the entire process. (Side note: Jinoo is very lawyerly when he is working; but can be quite personable when outside work. :-))
It was a wonderful experience Mr, Hwang walked us through each and every step. He was very thorough with explaining the difference between a Will and a Trust. Mr. Hwang is very knowledgeable and he leaves no stone unturned, making sure we understand and know that our assets are safe and secure. We are very thankful we chose Mr. Jinoo Hwang As our attorney.
Doug and Kathryn
Professional & and highly competent attorney Our experience with Mr. Hwang was very positive. Mr. Hwang helped us our with our estate planning as well as helped guide us and prepare our advance directives. We found that his knowledge on all state laws was intelligent & insightful. Mr. Hwang made us comfortable with him & his guidance. We would highly recommend Mr. Hwang.
A Lifesaver Jinoo helped me navigate a quite sticky situation with my mother's estate. Due to issues my mother did not forsee it was challenging to resolve her estate in the manner she had hoped. Jinoo was able to navigate the legal maze necessary to achieve a result that allowed me to carry out her final wishes. For that I'm very grateful.
Every step of the way in creating my dad’s trust, Jinoo had impeccable attention to detail, due diligence and follow-up. He’s certainly not an inexpensive attorney to use, but after my first call with him, I knew he was well worth the price we were paying to ensure our family is set up for success in the future. As someone who navigated a recent loss of a parent last year, the immediate need to ensure we had all the right legal tools like medical directive, power of attorney, trust and funding of it, etc. was daunting and confusing. But Jinoo answered every question we had with ease and patience. He has a way of explaining things in an easy to understand way and put all our minds at ease. Thank you Jinoo for ensuring we’re all set up to ensure everything’s protected and taken care of for the future.
Sarah Hartnett
We were in search of getting a trust done for my mom. This legal agency was extremely helpful and knowledgeable in preparing exactly what we were in need of. Jinoo has been extremely helpful in walking us through this process. Thank you Northwest Legal!
Sherry Tate
On the recommendation of a good friend, we hired Jinoo Hwang and his team at NorthWest Legal to help us following the unexpected death of our adult son who did not have a will. Jinoo and crew were patient, thoughtful and thorough as they guided us through this difficult time and the lengthy probate process. As the Personal Representative of the estate, I relied heavily on Jinoo's counsel as I faced one surprising obstacle after another while closing my son's estate. Jinoo has an extensive team of experts, including an exceptional accountant who performed miracles with IRS red tape and several property specialists who also provided invaluable assistance.
Kitty Murdoch
Jinoo told me that his father ran a martial arts school. When he interviewed me, I was pretty sure that he could read my mind and was using telepathy to talk to me mentally. I ended up in his office because somebody did me wrong and I was told he was a fighting lawyer. I wanted to throw the book at the guy. He listened carefully, documented everything and told me I was missing one leg of my legal stool: evidence. I had a crime and damages but no hard evidence. I pleaded with him to sue the hell out of the guy anyway, but he said it was unethical and I'd be better off spending my money on therapy. I was very disappointed at the time but in the end he was right. Looking back I'm glad I didn't go through with it. Jinoo is a smart, hard-working, ethical Council. I'd hire him again in a heartbeat. Top drawer. But watch out for that telepathy thing!
James Shirley
Much appricate for everything I find that I was very lucky to have Jinoo and his team help me during difficult times. Not only with my mom's estate, but during the final closing of her estate, I asked again to have Jinoo and his team to help with another estate. I had lost another loved one that same week. Anyone would be lucky to have them on their side !!
What a breathe of fresh air, to have my call returned within a couple hours. Jinoo, went above and beyond for my family member. Although, he wasn't able to help in the time frame we needed, his empathy and compassion for our unique situation was STELLAR. Not only was his transparency so refreshing, he referred us, made the call and set us up with an appointment with a colleague that could meet with us FAST, next week in fact! This is something so rare in todays world. I can't thank you enough Jinoo, you restored my faith in humanity, kind Sir! I WILL be in touch in the future!
Shari Stewart
We were referred to Mr. Hwang by a trusted Advisor for our estate planning needs. Even though our timing didn’t work within his workload, he provided feedback and direction that will prove to be valuable advice. It’s very unusual to find someone to listen and provide guidance in such a concise way. We thank him, again, for his time and highly recommend this professional.
Deanna Schifferdecker
I've had many clients work with Jinoo in the past and he does a great job. Everyone appreciates his thoroughness and professionalism.
Jeff Nunley
What a wonderful team! I needed great legal advice settling a small estate with 15 heirs. Thanks to Jinoo and his paralegal team, I was given excellent guidance in how to proceed. They were clear in directing me, honest about what I could do myself to save fees, and very thorough in responding to any questions I had. All of the staff I worked with were very personable while also being professional. I give Northwest Legal my highest and well-earned recommendation.
Bill & Becky Weide
My experience with the team was top notch. They were thorough, kind, and very knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend working with them!
Dan Zehner
Jinoo has your best interests in mind Jinoo clearly explained things in a patient way to two clients who were more than novice in this legal realm. He was able to go at our pace while we worked with him and his office on our family trust preparation. He and his staff were always pleasant, efficient, communicative and very professional. It was evident that he had our and our family's best interests in mind as he worked through the process with us. In the end, he provided us with a bound and complete, well-organized portfolio of our family trust. It's nice to now know a lawyer we can trust, but we hope we never need one!
*Strong recommendation* I am writing to give a full endorsement to NorthWest Legal. They handled my family's affairs in a highly professional fashion. Jinoo Hwang and his office were very clear on what to expect from the process and from them. He answered several questions from other family members on what steps they were taking and as important, why. While NWL's retainer is more expensive than other options I researched, I believe it was money well spent. Its not simply, "you get what you pay for," but also access to Jinoo's experience, knowledge and his great office of legal assistants and paralegals (esp. Carissa). I am very satisfied by the work they do and recommend Jinoo Hwang and NorthWest Legal very highly.
John E.
My family and I are very satisfied with the excellent service we received from Northwest Legal. Mr. Jinoo Hwang, his excellent legal team, and friendly staff capably guided us through what could have otherwise been a very daunting process. We are very pleased with Northwest Legal’s attention to detail, clarity of explanations, and professionalism. We highly recommend Northwest Legal to anyone seeking legal services in the Eugene area.
Alvaro Verano
I really appreciate the way Jinoo makes sure you understand what he’s saying. He checks in regularly during the conversation to verify that everyone is on the same page. He makes sure you know all your options and I felt guided, never rushed, into a decision. I highly recommend Jinoo Hwang.
Carrie McGillvrey
An exceptional legal team. My wife and I wish to commend the Northwest Legal team for their exceptionally fine work. We recently requested their assistance in preparing a Living Trust which they did in an outstanding manner. First, I must say all the staff members; Madie, Jacob, and Carissa, who worked on our estate documentation are exceedingly proficient and responsive. It was a real pleasure to work with them. Secondly, the attorney, Jinoo Hwang, is a true professional and has through knowledge of all the estate legal aspects. In addition to the Trust he developed Power of Attorney’s and Advance Directives for us. He was most helpful in addressing any issue or question that came up during the process including assistance with another out of state attorney who was doing a property transfer for us. This Team knows what they’re doing and did an exemplary job for us.
Donald Gerig My wife and I contacted Jinoo Hwang for help in determining the appropriateness of creating a family trust. Jinoo not only explained that a trust was right for us, but also gave a very understandable explanation of the whole process. At the end of the process, we were presented with an extremely professional Trust document in a binder along with a flash drive that also contained all the information. We were treated with the utmost courtesy by Jinoo and his Northwest Legal team at all times. We are very pleased with the service provided and would highly recommend Jinoo and his team.
A positive review The first thing that impressed me about your law firm was the free initial consultation If I remember correctly, you E-mailed me a summary of our conversation. I forwarded this E-mail to my daughter who is a paralegal and her partner who is a lawyer. They both worked for a law firm handling mesothelioma cases. So they were familiar with probate law.

The second thing was your firm's helpfulness. You were in Oregon and I was in Missouri. You opened the bank account and found a CPA. Even more important, you worked with my brother who lived in Illinois and was very slow responding to your requests.

I sent your final invoice to my daughter for her opinion which was a positive one.

Thank you for successfully handling this for me.
I recently had the pleasure of talking with a gentleman, Jinoo. Extremely knowledgeable and put me at ease through one of the toughest times in my life. I have had quite a few experiences with attorneys of my life, however this man knew exactly what to say when I asked and was very patient with me. I would recommend this law firm and this gentleman to anybody. By far the best experience I've ever had in my life with an attorney. Thank you so much
Russ Simon
Professional is all that has to be said.Jinoo and Jakob had a hard case to solve for us they delivered.We were out of state and they made this as easy as possible.Let me tell you there aren't many pro's out there anymore,but there's pro's here.Thank you guys my wife an I really mean it,you guys were BRILLIANT!
kirk ryan sr.
As daunting as it seemed for us to initiate and formalize our estate plans, including both our financial and health preferences, we were grateful for and impressed by Jinoo Hwang's clarity, thoroughness and care in explaining our options and codifying our wishes. He is personable and genuine, with a rare capacity for listening and responding to our questions. We recommend him highly.
Kevin and Patsy Callaghan
I am a retired attorney with considerable experience in probate, estate planning, etc., and was asked to serve as a Personal Representative for a former client. As I am inactive I requested Northwest Legal's assistance in filing and administering the estate. I was very pleased with their representation.
Jay Clifton
I am very appreciative of Jinoo and his prompt, professional, and courteous reply to an inquiry I had recently. He is very helpful, knowledgeable, and thoughtful with his work and I am grateful to have him as a resource.
Emily Ryan
We sought Jinoo’s counsel on two occasions: once regarding Estate Planning and the other involving a [complicated] transfer of livestock. Jinoo knows the laws and is serious about having your best interests in mind. He explains all options in a simple manner that is easy to understand inclusive of benefits and drawbacks. Jinoo and his staff at Northwest Legal are extremely professional, friendly, detail-oriented, and highly efficient. Knowledge, thoroughness, and thoughtfulness are what sets Jinoo and his team apart from others; they deliver what they say they will -- on time and on budget. If he isn't the right fit for you, he will refer you to a trusted colleague who is.We have used less expensive attorneys/services in the past which is the reason we have had to re-do things over again. If you want something done correctly the first time, then Jinoo’s firm, Northwest Legal, is hands down the perfect fit for you. Besides Estate Planning, Trusts, and Wills he is very sharp with business contracts – reviewing existing ones and even better at crafting tighter ones that protect you and your business. We highly recommend Jinoo as he connects all the dots.
We highly recommend Jinoo and his wonderful legal team at Northwest Legal.Jinoo proved to be very knowledgeable in Estate planning. He listened to our needs, concerns and questions, taking the time to explain the legalese, thus guiding us toward our ultimate goal of a well thought-out Living Trust.The team at Northwest Legal helped with their kind professionalism every step of the way.Thank you Jinoo and your team, for helping us with, what can be an overwhelming process, go so smoothly!Kevin and Connie
Connie & Kevin
Excellent and Thorough Immediately I was put at ease as I was discussing my situation with Jinoo. He is prompt, professional, and thorough. I recommend him!
What will be of interest for those looking for legal representation is this, you will know what direction you will be headed with your individual legal requirements. This is important when dealing with any matter that will engage a great deal of head space. As for former D.A .Hwang Jinoo, who was my representation, his attention to detail in our initial meeting gave confidence, well founded confidence. A reminder for me to let go of some responsibility to better make use of time and efforts allowed me to lessen my work load. I believe if you are dealing with a difficult situation what is needed is these two things, -Direction So you know where you will aim your effort and time. -Confidence Motivation not take on more than necessary. They(NW Legal) will share the burden accordingly. I am greatly appreciative for the individuals that assisted when I needed help. Even if you are paid to do something you are giving time, thought, effort, energy, I am appreciative for this, greatly. I had a difficult situation and received specific help to make it easier. Thank you very much! Mahalo Nui loa! Muchas Gracias! 감사합니다! 谢谢! K. S. PS. Stay safe everyone! "Thank you very much...from an 80 yr old child;)"
Kalinamai Soto
My experience with Jinoo and Northwest Legal has been nothing less than wonderful. The whole team is professional, detail oriented, and saw my estate case from start to finish. They made a stressful situation completely effortless for me. I would always call upon them first for myself, and recommend them to anyone in search of legal council.
Aletris Dutell
I could not be happier with my trust set up by Northwest Legal. Jinoo doesn't just draft documents, he makes sure you know exactly what you're getting and how it works within the legal system so you can use it properly to make sure your assets remain protected.
Mike Smith
A good lawyer I found Jinoo Hwang to be knowledgeable and professional. He assisted me in handling a probate case and did so in a timely fashion, in spite of restrictions connected with the pandemic and an unforeseen expansion of case load. I've had experience with several lawyers and Jinoo ranks at the top of my list.
responsive and efficient My dealings with Jinoo Hwang were brief. During that time he was quick to respond, direct and efficient, not wasting anyone's time or my money, which of course I appreciated.
Without a doubt, Northwest Legal law firm is, indeed, top notch; professionalism and end results were outstanding. Yet, what I most appreciated during the process was that Jinoo listened to and articulated my concerns as though he were walking in my shoes. That is a rare gift.
Helen K
Jinoo Hwang is extremely knowledgeable, organized, personable, and honest. We were very impressed.
bea johnson