Trust Administration

Northwest Legal offers a broad range of trust administration services to individuals and families and are experienced in the administration of a variety of trusts, including revocable living trusts and trusts established for the benefit of a minor or disabled child. Detail-oriented and well-versed in the complexities of trusts, we assist our clients with a myriad of administration issues, from interpreting trust language and provisions to resolving creditor claims, distributing assets, and litigating trust disputes, if necessary.

A trust can be a useful estate planning tool, and while it can have many potential benefits, such as the avoidance of probate and the ability to manage how and when your assets are distributed upon your death, establishing a trust does create what can be a complex legal relationship. It is important to have an experienced trust attorney in your corner when you are facing trust administration issues.

We are dedicated to helping clients accomplish trust administration tasks with efficiency and responsiveness. Throughout the process, we keep our clients informed and up-to-date, promptly addressing any concerns or questions, so that they are comfortable with how probate is proceeding and have a full understanding of their rights and obligations along the way.

Non-Judicial Settlement Agreements (NJSAs)

The ability to modify trusts (even those classified as “irrevocable”) through the use of non-judicial settlement agreements is a valuable tool. Oregon law provides that interested persons (which includes beneficiaries and trustees, among others) may enter into an NJSA as to “any matter involving a trust,” including:

  • The interpretation or construction of the terms of the trust
  • The approval of a trustee’s report or accounting
  • Direction to a trustee to refrain from performing a particular act or the grant to a trustee of any necessary or desirable power
  • The resignation or appointment of a trustee or co-trustee and the determination of a trustee’s compensation
  • Transfer of a trust’s principal place of administration
  • Liability of a trustee for an action or failure to act relating to the trust.
  • Determining classes of creditors, beneficiaries, heirs, next of kin or other persons
  • Resolving disputes arising out of the administration or distribution of the trust
  • Modifying the terms of the trust, including extending or reducing the period during which the trust operates.

At Northwest Legal, we can assist you in determining whether an NJSA is the right solution for your trust administration issue and negotiate and prepare the agreement on your behalf.

Beneficiary Rights and Protections

As a beneficiary of a trust, you may have questions about your rights, protections, and obligations. We can help. It is important to understand that beneficiaries of trusts have the right to obtain information concerning the trust from the trustee, who is held to a high standard of responsibility. More important, beneficiaries have the right to an accounting of all activity in the trust accounts. If beneficiaries disagree with the way the trustee is managing the funds, they can go to the court and seek relief.

Business Succession

The legal issues surrounding trust administration can be even more complicated if business succession planning is involved. We can assist with selection and formation of business entities, purchase of a business, general business and tax advice, and development of business succession plans.

Experienced Oregon Trust Administration Attorney Services Eugene and Surrounding Communities

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